I'm on the lookout for kindred spirits.

Those not content with the status quo. Those who are looking to forge a new way of life, a way of working, a product, a service, that has yet to be realised – or one that requires a fresh perspective. I'm looking for those who have a vision, a purpose, an idea. Those who are committed to realising a dream which is connected to their heart and spirit, and true to their voice.

I work in the realm of Voice Activation.

This always begins with a conversation backed up by an intention to find the unique 'voice' that lies behind your vision. Usually, this is then followed by the crafting of a brand/identity/design solution that supports the birth, growth and transformation of your brand and business (and quite often, you as well).

Voice and vision are intertwined – for what is a vision but an expression of your unique voice, and of what you offer in the world? My expertise lies in hearing what you have to say, playing it back to you, then finding ways to amplify it and (visually) express it in a way which resonates clearly and strongly with others – providing support to bring your vision into reality, and into the world.

To support this process, I also offer an additional 'Vision Navigation' service – one-to-one coaching which help to flesh out your vision and, crucially, identify and overcome obstacles that lie in the way of its realisation.

Are you looking to build something new or transform what you have, to a more powerful, authentic expression of who you are, and what you do? Here's a taste of what we could do together:

– Transform the ideas you have in your heart and mind into concrete, tangible visions
– One-to-one coaching to overcome blocks and barriers to achieving your vision
– Creation of Brand/Design/Product package, inspired by and aligned fully with your vision
– Website Structure & Design, providing a platform for your voice to be heard

Here's some examples of projects I've worked on, with people like you.

Whatever you have in mind, I invite you to get in touch, and look at how we can work together to activate your voice, and start bringing your vision into reality.

Client Testimonials

“Kevin was instrumental in creating our brand and identity. When we first started to plan for this project, we looked at a number of companies to help us develop our brand. What set Kevin apart is that he took a true interest in finding out about who we are and what our needs may be. He is perceptive, dedicated and holistic in his approach. He asked a lot of questions and really got to know us. As a result, he was able to create a brand that really spoke to who we are. We ourselves were not aware of it then. He saw it before we did."

– Tanja Diklic, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Petosevic

“Kevin’s branding completely changed the course of my business for me – I am now confident with the image my business is projecting and this is reflected in the response I have received. This year I was a Finalist for the New Designer of the Year Award and my jewellery is now being sold nationally and 
internationally in London, Milan, New York and Madrid. People come to me, rather than me having to market myself to them so much.”

– Julia Burness, Julia Burness Jewellery, UK

"You create a framework for people to evaluate their lives in order to define their vision. You are a vision guide, a navigator, a decoder, an interpreter, a promptor, an inspirer, a journey leader, a mentor, a paradigm shifter. It's more than vision, it's about unlocking peoples' sense of their own limitations (personal or external) to reach their full potential."

– Lara Bowen, Head of Digital Delivery, Redworks Digital (Ogilvy) London, UK