I'm back at my desk, fresh from an enlightening weekend workshop at the Concord Institute facilitated by David Norris under the title 'Being in Business.' This was an exploration of who I am 'Being' in Business, uncovering the underlying drivers and motivations which shape our experience of being in business. The workshop incorporated a set of tools and processes including interactive dialogue, core process work and social dreaming, all designed to generate a space of connection within which we could explore the following intention:

'to transform your experience of work from being based on strength of will to being based on energetic resonance so that rather than pursuing a future, you're able to let one find you.'

In the process, I discovered the business I am in, or the Being I am in business, is occupied not so much with design consultancy or artwork, but rather 'approval-seeking.' Through a difficult-to-describe yet artfully navigated process, David led us through our individual and collective experiences of Being at work, and ultimately moved towards identifying (beyond our fears, anxieties, fantasies and limitations) the fundamental promise that we are, in the world.

In this context, the work we do is simply a channel for 'who we are,' and an expression of that promise. What emerged for me, and the promise that I am, is to 'share joy and wonder with others.' This makes a lot of sense to me, and certainly touches my heart. It is the thread that runs through all the work I do as a designer, artist, vision navigator and wholefood cook and teacher. Suddenly the frequent dilemma of what I should be focussing on disappears, and I am simply encouraged to connect with this promise, and acknowledge all of my work as an expression of this.